Radical Ecosystem Pods

Radical Ecosystem Pods

Having a well-connected and skilled network of neighbors minimizes the need to reach beyond our own community for crisis support. Many of us already have the skills to assist our neighbors in navigating the minor incidents that arise in our lives –  what’s lacking is often connection, coordination, and support.

That’s where REP’s Radical Ecosystem Pods and studios come in.

REP’s Pods fortify existing networks and support the creation of new networks by improving relationships between neighbors, identifying webs of support that already exist within reach, and reimagining what loving community looks like.  

REP supports the formation of pods through ongoing trainings called “studios” that support neighbors in building skills in de-escalation, mental health support, and situational awareness.  

What is a pod?

The term “pod” is used a lot these days and can mean many things. What REP means by pod is:  

A group of people who have come together (based on geography, identity, values, a time-specific need, or a combination of the above) to support each other through crises, either unforeseen or anticipated. Pods have agreed-upon parameters and expectations, and have established consent-based communication around how to support each other.  

Additional resources

This resource from Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective outlines the four components of mutual aid and how to activate a neighborhood pod.

Turquoise, pink and blue graphic showing the 4 components of mutual aid
Image credit: Mothership Pods and Million Artist Movement