Revolutionary Emergency Partners

Revolutionary Emergency Partners

When a crisis or problem can’t be addressed by  our existing support network, we need a trusted resource to call for help. REP’s Revolutionary Emergency Partners provide emergency care to community members via a secure hotline.

The hotline offers two kinds of assistance: direct support from a Community Resourcer and connection to a Response Team.

  • When a community member calls the hotline number they will be connected to a Community Resourcer trained in mental health first aid and de-escalation. 
  • Depending on the needs of the caller, the Community Resourcer will either connect the caller to trusted community resources for further support or send a Response Team to the caller’s location to assist in person to provide immediate support.

What can I call the REP emergency line for?

  • During this phase of REP’s rollout, we are focusing on the 80% of 911 calls that involve non-violent emergencies. Things like:
    • Noise complaints
    • Mental health crises and support
    • Neighbor complaints
    • Conflict de-escalation
    • Referral to community resources
    • Some “welfare check” calls
      • Ex. “I’m at work and my kid is home alone and I haven’t heard from them. Can you make sure they are there?” 

What should I *not* call the REP emergency line for?

  • REP is not equipped to respond to emergency calls involving:
    • Medical crises
    • In-progress burglary or theft
    • Domestic abuse or violence in progress
    • Anything involving active violence

What REP is and what it isn’t:

  • Revolutionary Emergency Partners is not a 1:1 replacement for 911
    • REP’s projects are evolving first steps in building tools for more connected and resourced communities that know where to turn for trusted help without fear of violence or coercion.
    • REP is one tool in a larger abolitionist project of building a vast, interconnected ecosystem of projects and resources that build the conditions for safety, freedom, and dignity in our communities.
    • REP is one approach to ensuring that our communities, in particular Black communities and other communities of color, can access trusted, consent-based help when they need it.
  • REP is still learning how to build what we need. REP has a “Phase” approach to development to ensure that projects stay aligned with REP’s values as they grow:
    • This phased approach is grounded in REP’s commitment to regenerative and restorative practice instead of reactionary response. Planned, intentional pauses for reflection are key to the health of REP’s work.

Additional resources

This resource from MPD150 and the Responsible Consumer on “Steps to Ask Yourself Before Calling the Police in Minneapolis.”